Multi-Station Home Gyms

What are they?

Freestanding training units using weights to offer resistance to a range of body movements. Found in public gyms, athlete-training centers and now from the comfort of your own home gym.

How do they work?

A steel frame is set up with a series of pulleys, weights and cables. Varying exercises can be performed on these with the weights offering resistance to work muscles beyond everyday activity.

Which is best?

There really is no one size fits all. Test them with lighter weights first to get a feel for set up. If awkward or uncomfortable once adjusted, it probably isn't the right design for your body.

What does multi-station mean?

A round of exercises is usually called a circuit (i.e. circuit training) and each action you perform around the machine is known as a station. Hence, multi-stations means more than one station can be performed on the equipment.

How many stations will I get?

The more you pay the more variety you get. A basic would have around 10-15 and that can range up to 70 or more. Ease of use is much better to start with.

What does a station do?

Each station is designed to work a different set of muscles. They are also set up with correct technique in mind, which is very important. Don't overdo the weights. Just because you can lift it on the first round, does not mean you will on the last one if you've worked too hard.