Boofar's Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Start Your Fitness Program Today!

The benefits of a habit of exercise are well known, though there are still plenty of people that donít do what they can to ensure they get the exercise they need. A good fitness program can reduce heart disease and help control your weight. Even if youíre getting less than the recommended amount of exercise in your fitness program, remember that somethingís better than nothing, and donít let the fact that youíre getting less allow you to talk yourself into doing no exercise. Here are a few tips to increase the amount of exercise you get in a day:


Though sometimes people forget it, even walking is a form of exercise, and one thatís low impact enough for most people to add to their fitness programs. Your walks can be short or long, and you donít even have to walk fast to get some sort of benefit from it. One simple way to increase the distance you walk during the day is to park a little further away from the building when you drive in to work in the morning or if you stop at the mall on the weekends. Grabbing one of the far away and undesired spots also has the benefit of reducing the amount of time spent searching for that perfect spot up close!

Stretch at Home

Another small thing you can do to enhance your fitness program at home is to take a few minutes to stretch your muscles daily. This more than the stretch you do when you get out of bed, itís really working to get the muscles of your legs, arms, and back feeling good and loose. This is an activity that can be done in just a few minutes, and not only can it feel good, but a good stretching routine can help you to avoid backaches from long hours at your desk at work, and can also help prevent injuries from overly tight muscles if you decide to add anything more strenuous to your fitness program.

Exercise at the TV

If youíre a couch potato, donít let that stop you from having a fitness program that keeps you from putting on too much poundage while watching the television. If you havenít been in a gym lately, you may not know that many of them have televisions in them to keep bored exercisers occupied while theyíre working on the treadmill. Rather than go to the gym to watch TV, though, you can bring the gym to you while youíre catching your favorite shows! Walking or running on a treadmill or sitting on a stationary bike, or even doing jumping jacks, while youíre watching television can be the basis of a strong fitness program. As with the other options listed, the basis for a good fitness program that motivates you is small changes in your life that get you in the habit of practicing great fitness. Get started soon-all it takes is a little change!