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Drinking Water Testing: Know For Sure What You Are Drinking

You probably do it every day. You pour water from your faucet for drinking. Whether you pour it into a glass or you use it to fill your coffee pot, the truth is that we never really know what weíre drinking when we drink tap water. We know itís treated at a plant before it reaches our home but what about the pipes it travels through to get to us? What if there are certain chemicals and other substances, such as living microbes, that arenít caught by the treatment plant? We can buy filtration systems and we can boil our water to be especially careful but how can we know for sure the water we drink is safe? The only way to be sure is to conduct drinking water testing. Drinking water testing is the only way to know for sure whether you are drinking healthy water or water thatís not very good for you at all.

Do It Yourself Kits

When you do a do it yourself drinking water testing kit, you are primarily testing for PH levels and a few other things, such as metals and other materials that are commonly found in drinking water today. However, these tests are limited to a few items that are commonly found. If thereís something in your drinking water thatís making you sick, a do it yourself kit may not catch it. If, for instance, thereís some kind of living microbe in your water, a do it yourself kit is not capable of testing for that particular instance. Therefore, if you want to be extremely sure when conducting your drinking water testing, you may have to hire a professional to test the water for you.

Drinking water testing facilities will conduct a full spectrum test to ensure that thereís nothing harmful in the water you drink. This kind of drinking water testing is the same kind of testing that is conducted at the treatment plants where your water is treated before it reaches your home. These tests will search for the presence of impurities, chemicals, microbes and many other things. Bacteria can make you sick and therefore you should know if there is any bacteria in the water you drink.

To find a professional service that will conduct your drinking water testing, search your local phone book or do an internet search. It may cost you but itís worth it just for the peace of mind of knowing that when you drink from the faucet you are actually helping yourself instead of hurting yourself.