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Purifying Water Drinking Systems

There are several different types of drinking water purification systems; small scale, medium scale, and large scale models are available for different applications and needs. When deciding the best size of filtration, it is wise to assess usage; for a person who lives alone a full house purification system may be overkill. Conversely, a large family may find better value in a medium scale purification system than gallon size picture purifier.

Price is also a factor; some people may find it wasteful to have an entire household of purified water when they only drink from the kitchen, and another may like to have their clothes and dishes washed in purified water as well. How well the drinking water system works, how long the filters last, and what the system filters out are all pieces of information that should be gathered and assessed prior to purchase.

Small Scale Drinking Water Systems

Small scale drinking water purifying systems generally only purify against 3-9 of the most common 11 pollutants found in most tap water; the picture types perform poorer than the faucet types. The cost of these drinking water systems are a fair price and will save about 75% of what the average price of a gallon of purified water; the system itself costs around $25-$50 for the initial system and then an additional $8-$20 for the replacement filter, which need to be replaced on a gallon basis (30 -100 gallon per cartridge). These systems will serve for a better tasting and healthier drinking experience but they can be more costly than a larger system when considering yearly costs.

Medium Scale Systems

Medium scale drinking water systems will often purify a larger range of toxins from the water source and will need filter changes less often, some of these systems will purify against all 11 most common toxins in drinking water while others purify less. The cost is about $120-$420 each depending on the company; it is important to compare individual systems because the more expensive drinking water systems donít always offer the same level of purity as the lesser priced, there are true values out there. The prices on filters can cost $45-$120 each, but they will filter at least 500 gallons of water. Considering a gallon of water in a grocery store averages about a dollar a gallon that is upwards of $380 savings in just the period it takes to go through a filter (about 3 months on average), this could translate to over $1,500 each year.

Large Scale Drinking Water Systems

A large scale drinking water system will generally cleanse an entire homeís worth of water from as many toxins as the medium sized drinking water systems; these systems can be expensive but they can purify much more water than the smaller models and need to be installed by a licensed plumber which also has an additional cost. Once the initial cost is met around $1,500 including installation, the maintenance fees are about $500 dollars for filters every three years, which works out to less than $20 a month, and most of the systems have a lifetime guarantee. The better whole house purifying drinking water systems will not affect water pressure; and there should be no wasted water as it will purify on an as needed basis.