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The Advantages of Using a Solarised Drinking Water Purifier

Drinking water purifiers are a popular choice today among many house-holds and businesses alike, not just the health conscience. Today, there are a number of drinking water purifiers on the market, which help remove harmful substances in the water such as toxic metals, chemicals, bacteria and microbes such as Giardia. Unfortunately, some drinking water purifiers can be costly, which disadvantages those who may be struggling to make ends meet Ė which are usually those who need it most. John Ward, who is the founder of the Solarised Water Purifier, was inspired to invent a drinking water purifier after visiting Zimbabwe and witnessing the effect that polluted water had on the population, especially children. He thought about the reasons why these people were excluded from having fresh water and decided that there would need to be a purifier that would be inexpensive to buy, cheap to run, portable and low in cost to maintain. He came up with the Solarised Drinking Water Purifier, which is now on the market today. It does not have any moving parts, electrons or costly filters, and does not use chemicals in the purifying process. It also has the advantage of self-cleaning as it purifies.

How It Works

The Solarised Drinking Water Purifier uses direct sunlight to clean contaminated water, including bore water, effluent and seawater, into fresh, drinkable water. It is designed to heat and filter water using ultra-violet radiation from the sun in conjunction with prolonged exposure times to kill any bacteria or harmful substances in the water. Polluted water is fed into the machine, which falls down into a series of black plastic trays set up in a cell pattern. These are covered with glass which filtrate the sunís rays, heating the water and filtrating it through as clean, purified drinking water. It is capable of purifying around 6 liters of water per square meter per day at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and 9 liters at 35 degrees Celsius. This means that one unit can produce around 3 liters per day.

Many websites gives a full run down on the devices, cost prices and how and where to buy them. And as it is cheap to run, maintain and operate, this drinking water purifier it is ideal for households, businesses and facilities looking for a fuss-free way to have drinkable water on hand. This gives us better tasting water that is healthier.