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Drinking Distilled Water: Is It Really Better For You?

Distilled water is water that has had its impurities taken out. This is commonly used when impurities in water will cause adverse effects, such as in scientific experiments. Some people believe that drinking distilled water is better for you than drinking water from the tap. They claim that distilled water doesnít contain all the harmful chemicals that are constantly added to our water supply, such as fluoride. However, there are others who claim that itís drinking distilled water thatís harmful, not the other way around. These people claim that drinking distilled water takes away beneficial chemicals in the body, much the same way the chemicals are stripped from the water to make it distilled. There is no evidence supporting the fact that drinking distilled water is harmful. However, thereís no real proof that thereís any harm in drinking straight from the faucet, too.

Itís Very Expensive

There are some companies who bottle and sell distilled water for drinking. These bottles are expensive, however, much more expensive than regular bottle water costs. Drinking distilled water, even though it may be safer, is not in any way cheaper. You will likely spend a lot of money buying and drinking distilled water. So, if your bank account is as important to you as your health, you might be better off just drinking from the faucet as drinking distilled water could soon drain you of your funds.

Other Methods Of Cleaning Water

If youíre so worried about drinking regular tap water, why not just buy one of the water filters that are on the market today? You can get a filter that fits over your faucet so that you can hopefully get rid of all those impurities that might have otherwise found their way into your glass. You can also buy water filter jugs for use in your fridge. Simply fill the jug up with water from your tap and every time you pour a glass the filter blocks all the impurities for you. You donít need to spend a fortune buying distilled water, you can make a one time purchase on a filtration system so that you can cleanse the water that comes from the tap before you drink it.

Drinking distilled water may or not be better for you, but it will cost more in the long run. Instead, be smart and try to find other methods to cleanse the water before you drink it.