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What is Alkaline Drinking Water?

For many people, the modern world is increasingly busy and it seems like you go from one thing to the next, leaving little time to prepare the healthiest foods or work out as much as you would like. If this describes you, it is important to take care of yourself how you can and when you can. One simple way to improve your health without spending much time is by using alkaline drinking water. Most drinking water, with the exception of distilled water, is slightly acidic. The majority of the body’s waste is also acidic and is constantly filtered by the kidneys. This acidic waste is produced naturally by your body, but bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and stress all cause your body to become even more acidic.

How It Works

Alkaline drinking water, on the other hand, neutralizes your body’s ph, making it less acidic, especially your blood. This keeps the acidity level to a minimum and makes your blood more alkaline, which allows for more even and efficient distribution of oxygen throughout your body and helps you feel more energized and healthy. Your body is constantly regulating its acid level because many acids found in your body are actually toxic waste. Because of this, it makes no sense to force your body to process more acid by drinking acidic water. Alkaline drinking water helps to balance your system by not overloading your body with any additional acids.


Although more research needs to be done, people using alkaline drinking water report that they feel more energetic and youthful. Lab tests up to this point have been very encouraging. In tests done on animals, the subjects tended to have stronger immune systems and were able to fight off diseases much easier than their counterparts who were not using alkaline drinking water. Many experts anticipate and have begun to see evidence that using alkaline drinking water may slow, or even reverse, the aging process. These experts suspect that the acidic environment your body creates causes it to slowly destroy itself, and by lowering this acidity, you build a strong foundation for good health

Although alkaline drinking water is not widely available at the present, ionizers, which create alkaline drinking water, are available on the internet or you can purchase water that is already ionized. While all the benefits are not known at this time, it appears that alkaline drinking water may help many people live a much healthier life.